A Firm Dedicated to Earning Your Trust

The Law Office of Michael A. Alfred is a dynamic law firm focused on creating practical and seamless solutions for our clients in an environment of complete confidentiality. We are committed to our simple, yet powerful philosophy:

Sound, Ethical Advice All of our relationships are built upon trust. We do not ask for or expect your trust. Rather, we work hard to earn it through the consistent application of sound, ethical advice.

Confidentiality We practice the highest level of client confidentiality. We maintain strict hiring practices and secure client documents and files.

Fixed Pricing We charge on a per engagement basis rather than on the traditional hourly fee basis so that our clients feel comfortable calling us whenever questions arise. Please view our legal fees disclosure.

A Commitment to Education We take great joy in educating not just advising. When our clients leave our office they completely understand the legal solution that we worked on together. It may have taken one meeting, or perhaps three, but we make this commitment to our clients.

We apply our philosophy to the following areas of practice: estate planning, divorce consulting, and business law.

Estate Planning

The Law Office of Michael A. Alfred has provided sophisticated and simple estate planning to clients throughout San Diego and the surrounding communities. We do not just provide legal solutions, we engage our clients and their families in a consultative manner often helping multiple generations develop a true family legacy plan.

Our basic living trust package for couples starts from $1495.


  • Revocable Trust
  • Pour-over Wills
  • Durable Powers of Attorney for Property
  • Powers of Attorney for Health Care
  • Deed to Transfer Real Estate to Trust
  • Recording of One Real Estate Deed
  • Assignment of Personal Property to Trust
  • Form Letters to Transfer "Titled" Assets to Trust
  • Estate Planning Portfolio Binder
  • Necessary Consultations and Attorney Letters
  • Notarization of All Documents (In office only)

Advanced estate planning, guardianship work, probate administration and charitable planning packages are also available. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Business Law

Our firm performs business entity analysis and formation for partnerships, Subchapter S and C Corporations, professional corporations, limited liability companies, and limited liability partnerships. We aid in the negotiation and drafting of employment contracts and agreements. We also have expertise in franchise law.

Divorce Consulting

Michael A. Alfred is not a family law attorney. He does, however, use his strong financial background to support family law attorneys with complex litigation support. His background in the business and accounting world make him a highly sought after financial expert capable of complex litigation support. Mr. Alfred leverages his strong legal background and familiarity with court proceedings to communicate efficiently with family law attorneys and their clients. As a disciplined, unbiased advocate with a strong curriculum vitae, Mr. Alfred presents a polished, credible expert witness. To assist with settlement analysis Mr. Alfred has Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) on staff. Mr. Alfred does not work on divorce cases independently of a qualified family law attorney, and when acting as a divorce consultant he does not give legal advice. If you are a family law attorney in need of a financial expert please contact our office to set a time for an initial consultation. If you are going through a complex divorce and are in need of financial expertise please contact our office and we will help you identify the family law attorney who best suits your needs.

We may be the right firm for you if you:

  • Have a strong desire to simplify and organize your affairs.
  • Are committed to improving the lives of your loved ones.
  • Seek complete privacy and confidentiality.
  • Desire to leave an enduring and lasting legacy for your family and your charities.
  • Hope to accomplish your goals in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Ask us how we can work with you and your other advisors to create legal solutions that work for you »